Ten Minutes with Charlie O’Neill

Charlie is the latest chick to be brought to us by the Ambiel Music team. With tracks on the U.S. label hypemusic and getting lots of love from both sides of the pond, Raw Material’s Luke Marshall caught up with her for a chat…

1.      When and how did you first get into writing and performing music?

I have performed since I can remember. I was 5 years old and I was
sat in front of the TV watching Disney Movies and singing along which is when I
made my talents known. Since then I have always performed. I started out
performing as a championship disco freestyle dancer competing in dance
competitions across the UK Until the age of 16, where I also learnt to train a hip hop dancer. I then went on to study a national diploma in performing arts at Stratford-upon-Avon College where I gained various qualifications in many dance styles, acting and singing.

 A  year ago I was discovered by a local producer in Warwickshire
and since then I have been performing and recording. I have only been writing for about 10 months and have learnt so much. I never thought that I would be able to write my own music but it has proven to be a success and I now feel so inspired.

 2.     How would you describe your music style?

I would describe my style as being, urban and R&B. My voice is very soulful so this is the style of music I love to sing. I have also always been a fan of jazz music so I try to link my styles which will be portrayed in my first album.

 3.     How does your love of Visual Performance affect your style in creating music?

When I perform I like to include what i enjoy i like to dance so i feel a lot of my songs are upbeat and something that you can dance to. I feel it is important to connect with your audience and i am a different person on stage which relates to my music and who i feel i really am inside. I am naturally a very quiet person and i can find it quite hard to be loud and outgoing however in my music i am a different person and when i perform i live for the moment and i feel so confident in

 4.     Who are your main musical influences?

My main musical influences are Christina Aguilera, she has the most amazing vocals and range ability. She makes every song a hit. She has the real attitude for a female artist today, most female artists look upto her today. Again i like artists such as Beyonce for her urban flair and performance skills, Shakira for creating a unique cultured style of pop music. Also you may not believe it but i am a huge fan of Muse for their live music stage performance, nothing can beat the sound of a live rock band on stage. I also like The Strokes and their style of indie music.

 There are also artists from the past who i look upto such as Julie London who had a truly gorgeous low husky jazz voice.

 5.     Do these people have any connection your unique fashion style?

I love fashion! Doesn’t any girl. But i particularly love vintage and retro. You can’t beat having an unusual outfit that you know is an individual piece that no one else is going to have. High street is great and is improving all the time but being a new artist on the scene i feel fashion has become more important to me. I like to keep my style slightly urban and retro but at the same time still girly but in a different kind of way! But absoloubtly i do follow all artists i admire and their fashion!

 6.     Your fashion style is great? What are you three top high street brands?

Thank you! I have always been in to fashion. High street clothing is at the top of its game currently! My favourite 3 high street brands are Topshop, its quirky, slightly unusual and has a hint of an indie rock chick scene which i love, Also i really like allsaints, i could spend hours trying clothes on there! Lastly i like Warehouse, i actually used to be a brand specialist and visual merchandiser for this brand, its classy and good quality high street fashion that tells a story.

 7.     When you’re not writing or in the studio recording, what do you like doing?

I am a really down to earth girl, i love dancing so i like to go out with friends and have a good night dancing and none of us move from the dance floor the whole night! I do like to relax spending nights in watching Eastenders or Hollyoaks haha! sometimes it’s nice to just have that time to sit and relax. And watch tv as i don’t do it often. Fitness and health plays a huge part in my life so l like to go to the gym and i feel so much better for it afterwards.

 8.     What are you Top 3 London Clubs and Why?

I haven’t actually been out in London much as most weekends i am recording  and busy working on my album though the places
i have been have been amazing! I have been to China Whites which played a great selection of funky house music. I am celebrating my 21st this year
with a few close friends at Mahiki in London as i have heard that’s a great
place to go. Other than those two i am fairly new to the club scene in London being a girl from the West Midlands however i am sure i will get the chance to visit many other soon.

 9.     What piece of make up
could you not function without and what’s your favourite brand?

I could completely not function without my Mac Studio fix fluid foundation. I had very troubled skin from a young age and suffered being badly bullied because of it. This has only made me a better person today. I now only use health cleansing products on my
skin from health shops, i use no harsh chemicals. I use Jasons products which has a range of face and body washes and lotions etc. They are paraben free and i have never had a problem since.
Everyone looks different without their make-up. My skin is naturally
very pale and I have acne scarring but MAC is by far the best make-up brand I have ever used.

 10.  What festival, if any, would you love to perform at?

I would love to perform at either Glastonbury or Reading with a huge live band to rock out to on stage!
They are the ultimate festivals to perform at. It’s just a great vibe at these
festivals in the summer and a great chance to hear artists perform live!






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