Sam’s giving his fans some special lovin…

Never one to shirk social networks, the hardest working DJ in the industry will be sending a lovely monthly update email to all his fans, starting this month.

A bit like those newsletter things your Granny sends out saying she made some buns and Marjorie next door’s kids got a brand new budgie – only JAM PACKED WITH EXCITING EVENTS that you – yes, lucky, lucky you – can get on the guestlist for. Like Sam’s infamous Blow Out parties at Bungalow 8 and (according to Sam’s partner in crime Mr Jonny Woolf (source #1) and Sam’s dad (source #2) also now at the newly launched Playboy Club in Mayfair).

Also in this html feast of fun will be all the latest info from Sam’s label Nod Factor, telling you how to get your cheeky mitts on singles, remixes and other electro goodness.

Sam will also be sharing backstage goss and celebrity nuggets from the unbelievably awesome parties he plays at – for the likes of Red Bull F1 team, Chinawhite and his US agency SKAM.

Want to get a bit closer to Sam? Just go to and sign up – we promise, no budgies will be mentioned!

Bring it...


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