Gentleman’s Dub Club were robbed!

Having spent the last month on the road, nightly wowing audiences with their energetic mix of nu-reggae, ska and suave the Gents returned to their tourbus on Sunday (after a much needed day off) only to find their belongings had been fleeced. Pilfered. Pinched.

The nine plucky chaps choked back tears but retained gentlemanly composure when they discovered that the light fingered criminals had done away with their sharp suits – which the boys wear on stage.

Says Harry, member of GDC and victim of crime ‘After coming back to the van the lads discovered they had been broken in to. Amongst the missing items were 6 of the guys beloved suits some of which had seen a full 5 years of service! Police have identified a number of rival bands that would do anything to obtain the Gentleman’s swagger. Pistols at dawn?’

GDC are asking their fans to be on the lookout for recently-sartorial suspects and suggesting that – for the love of the band- they name and shame said ruffians.

Please do send any information leading to the whereabouts of the (slightly sweaty) garments to Gentleman’s Dub Club via twitter (@gentlemansdub). Informants will get some special treatment (possibly to include a Little Chef breakfast, tickets to see them at Bestival and a back rub…)

Anyone kind enough to donate suits, shirts and titfers should also get in touch and will almost certainly go to heaven as a result.

we was robbed!


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