3B1G records scoops Snoop!

Dance music artist Stacey Jackson with three chart-topping hits under her belt – all self-released under her own record label, 3B1G  – collaborates with platinum selling gangster rapper Snoop Dogg on her new single ‘Live It Up’ due out this summer.

3B1G Records (named after Jackson’s offspring: three boys and one girl) was set up in 2009 when Jackson decided to release an album of covers to raise money for kids’ charity Music For Youth.  Her observations of market trends and her business acumen encouraged Jackson to take her own career into the mainstream pop genre after her first single “Band of Gold” off the covers album “Upside Down” was remixed by the DJ team Future Freakz and jumped to number 17 on the club charts followed by “I Hear A Symphony” which charted at number nine.  Her vocals garnered the attention of several producers in the pop/dance genre and was approached to write original dance music.

Jackson wrote the track with the intention of getting a rapper on one of the verses so with her “chutzpah” and tenacious personality she sent the track to Snoop Dogg. He loved the track and five days later Jackson was on a flight to Boston, Mass. to record with him.

Jackson says ‘,Snoop is an artist who is in complete control of his career decisions. With the advent of myspace and Twitter, more musicians have been able to reach out directly to their heroes. The worst that could happen is they say “No”.’

“I have been performing in bands since an early age and always been very hands-on in the studio,’ says Jackson. ‘I also have ten years of marketing experience so when we were looking for remixers I wanted a variety of different sounds to round out the choices the DJs would have to select from in the clubs.  Ultimately ‘Live it Up’ was remixed by Aerostorm and eSquire– as well as Soulshakers; who had come to the attention of the label via its working relationship with Power Promotions.

Jackson’s album also titled “Live It Up” will be released later this summer and which includes the club sensation “I Am a Woman” which peaked at number 5 on the club charts in November 2010. 

‘As an independent label, we might not have the huge budgets but we are able to think on our feet and execute deals quickly’, says day-to-day label manager of 3B1G Sean Holbrook.
‘We tip our hats to the recent success of XL with Adele. With an initial digital release without manufacturing spend we are all on the same playing field and Stacey has the drive and vision to make 3B1G a label to be reckoned with. She comes at each project with a ‘you never know until you try’ attitude and she wants to work with the best in the industry.’

Jackson and Holbrook also stress the importance of online marketing to retail success and work closely with Gary Stoker from New Media Marketing to manage social networks and direct to fan sales.

‘A 360 approach is now quite old hat,’ says Holbrook ‘, these days you need to be 720! Creating and maintaining control of each product is vital for Artist growth and development; you could say no one cares as much about ‘you’ like you do!’

3B1G will also be looking to sign more artists to its roster later this year and have been approached by TV production companies to make a documentary about Stacey’s rise as an artist and savvy business woman running her own record label while juggling four children at home.

Jackson is committed to headlining Snoop’s after show parties this summer with performances in Paris, Berlin and London in July to name a few.


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