Ten Minutes with… Stolen Peace

We had a chat with rockers Stolen Peace, whose album is out this month.

How did you guys meet?
Myself and Joe are brothers, After he had seen me learning to play guitar. Joe’s sibling competitive instinct kicked in and he decided to take up the drums. . Turns out he is one of the most naturally gifted drummers you could ever hope to play with… I am almost certain he got good just to spite me. Ste was my best mate and next door neighbour growing up and we learnt to play guitar together. Liam was the new kid at school. We were introduced to him through our then Keyboard player and once we had heard his voice there was no doubt in my mind he was going to be our singer.
How did the name come about?
There is still some discussion about this. One thing for certain is it was again Janine our then keyboard player that had an uncle who owned a farm called Stoney Place. As far as I remember it I came up with Stolen Peace after we toyed with the idea of Stoney Place although I am pretty sure this will be disputed by everyone who was in the room at the time. We’ll go with the flaming pie dream… Has that been done?
Who would you count as your main influences?
Led Zeppelin became the one band we could all agree on. Outside of them we have pretty eclectic tastes. Mid nineties Indie was obviously a massive influence on us but we quickly outgrew it musically. Joe and Ste definitely side on the more metal end of rock these days where as me and Liam are really influenced by song writers like Jeff Tweedy, Bowie and oddly enough Bruce Springsteen at the moment. You want to try picking the music when we are on our way to the gig. We usually ‘aint talking by the time we get there.
How long has the album been in the making?
The album really came together quickly in the end. We had the songs built up through our live set but never really the ability to pull them together in to something resembling a tight arrangement and album. Once we started working with Martin Byrne our manager he managed to focus us on getting the best out of the songs to get them ready to record. We have really come on in the last 2 years and the quality of the stuff we are writing at the moment is really exciting.
 How would you describe yourself in three words?
 I was going to go with, “Really quite good” but I think you’re maybe asking me to think a little harder. Heavy, Sweet, Chaotic
 If you play any stage in the world, where would it be?
 For me personally, the Apollo Manchester. I know that seems like quite a small aspiration but that’s where music happened for me growing up. That’s where I saw the best gigs, the best bands and where I dreamt of playing one day. Looking further ahead you would have to think headlining Glastonbury would be the ultimate gig in England… Also Old Trafford, It’s a bit Bon Jovi but to walk out at the theatre of dreams would pretty much end it for me!
What would your homecoming gig be?
Right now the Queens in New Mills but to be honest we ‘aint left there yet…. We played there a few weeks ago and it doesn’t matter where you go, if you can pack out your hometown pub like that with all your mates and family in the crown it always feels a bit special.
 What’s your favourite song to perform?
 I think we love playing ‘Start Walking” at the moment. It is a newer song but it is easily the tightest 3 minutes we have ever written and always gets a great reaction. Off the Album though Blankhead is always fun and Parasoul.
> Stolen Peace run the country for 15 minutes, what would you change?
 Sod it if we are fantasising… The weather.
 Tell us your best joke?
 Hahahaha you couldn’t print it. Personally I like the one about Mickey mouse divorcing Minnie. When the Judge questioned Mickeys motive for the divorce on the ground Minnie has buck teeth Mickey replies “No your honour, I said she was f**king goofy”
Why should we buy the album?
Because you like you music loud… To quote godlike genius Josh Homme ‘Hard enough for the guys, sweet enough for the ladies’…. That has pretty much become our philosophy.

To request an interview or review tracks of the album, drop james@raw-material.co.uk a line


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