Victoria Hart sells her car…

Okay – so anyone who has ever met Miss Hart probably pictures her in a car something like the Compact Pussycat that Penelope Pitstop used to drive…

Or maybe fears for the rest of the road users…

But we have the story that put the biggest smile on our faces …

This morning, Victoria put the following ad up on Craigslist:

KIA SEPHIA 2000 aka “Barnaby”
Selling my first car.  A 2000 kia sephia.  £1300 o.b.o.

I will be sad to say goodbye to this car which is why I have decided to give him the unique sales pitch he deserves….because if you are lucky to be the next owner of this car you will find out that you are not just getting a new car….you’ll get a new friend.

So, when I moved to the US last year I didn’t know how to drive yet. And shortly after I arrived I realised how much you NEED a car in Las Vegas!!!! So I learnt how to drive in less than a month and some how passed my driving test (?!?) and bought this red 2000 Kia Sephia with all the money I owned. For what I bought it for ($1650) I didn’t have high expectations for the car. I thought it would probably break down a couple months after I bought it and by then I would have saved up enough to put a down payment on a newer car. But here we are, 6 months down the line and Barnaby (the KIA) has still shown no weakness. You see I have become very fond of this car, we’ve been through alot together, and yes, let’s face it, he’s not the most handsome car in the auto shop. He has a few scratches and bumps but i think that gives this car more of a personaity E.g. some say that one of his dents was caused by a past owner, when she got a bit to over excited rocking out to “My Sharona” when it came on the radio that she drove in to a pole next to her parking space outside of her house, 11 in the morning, when she was completey sober. (this soooo didnt happen to me if you were thinking a silly thing like that……..) *silence*

so more about THIS WONDERFUL CAR:

-has perfect transmission, always starts with ease in hot and in cold whether.

-runs great

-is automatic

-comes with a clean Nevada title in hand

-has four doors

-has a huge, spacious trunk

– a working CD player/radio

-working heating and A/C

-great gas milage

(i usually pay less than $35 to fill up the tank which lasts me for about a week!! no lie.)
-aaaand a set of shiny new tyres which santa (thankyou grandma) purchased for the car last december.
The car has 124 K miles on it.
$1300 is my asking price but I will consider all offers.

I unfourtunatley, am leaving barnaby (the KIA Sephia) for something younger and shinier…..but i’m just shallow like that you see.

My number is XXX and my name is Victoria. Text or call me to sort out a time to come to see the car.


Apparently, she has been flooded with thousands of responses since she posted the ad… So many, she’s had to take it down.

We’re pestering our sources for a picture of Tor and Barnaby together and will post what we can get.

We think he was definitely one of the better men in her life…


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