The Goat Race raises £6370 for Spitalfields City Farm

Go Goat!

The plucky hoved ones and their mighty steeplechase raised over six grand for the city farm – enough to keep all the animals fed and watered for a while.

Big thanks to everyone who came down and supported (around 1200 of you!), to the Loose Cannons, to Voodoo Browne, to Abehla Cachaca for the VI-tree, to Victoria Stewart from the Standard, to Leonie Morse from Fabulous, to all the media who plugged the event, to the Stoats (who this year staged their own race), the stallholders and to the City Farm for laying on such a great day.

Drop by and pay Oxford and Cambridge a visit sometime – the Farm is just off Brick Lane and well worth a day out.

Fader, Voodoo Browne and Nat from Ambiel

Voodoo and a pal


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