Ten Minutes with… Frogs in Socks

How did you come up with the name Frogs in Socks? 

Oli –  Around the time we decided to start playing together I was living with a couple of Australian guys who had this phrase they used when a party was going off… (adopt aussie accent) “…going off like a frog in a sock mate!” It’s also a lyric from a Bob Dylan record. Anyway, we loved the imagery of cartoon party frogs, so we went with it…we don’t take ourselves too seriously… 

Tom – yeah, it seemed to fit the bill for the type of music we make and like to listen to, which is essentially anything quirky, fun and interesting…different you know, whether house, hip hop or whatever.    

 Where is your favorite place to buy your socks?  

Tom – I like to get my socks from those convenient little shops when passing through train stations and airports. You end up with some pretty interesting pairs when hungover/still drunk

 Oli – I get my socks at Christmas. It’s the only thing I ask for. Just shit loads of socks! All frogs in socks aspire to the perfect pair of socks… a pair of tight white knee socks with three bright green hoops just below the knee.

 What is your view on toe socks and flip flops? 

 Tom – Well, the flip flop for most British people is typically a seasonal piece of footwear, and I always love to sport my Havaianas in the summer (although that doesnt last for long in Manchester). I love to wear thongs whenever I can really…

 Oli – Toe socks feel wrong. Flips Flops? I like them but I know that some girls find them really unattractive…or did I make that up?

 Who is/are your favorite person/people to work with? 

 Oli – I suppose we should say each other at this point. But aside from each other, we just like working with new and interesting people. It’s always good to work with others as you tend to learn new ways of doing things and take different approaches. It’s also great to get another perspective on what something sounds like. Although we’ve got pretty good at telling each other that something sounds sh!t and that honesty definitely speeds things up!  

 Tom – I’d love to collab’ with Toad of Toad Hall…but not the Crazy Frog. He’s a dick!!

 Who do you aspire to work with in the future? 

 Tom – We take influences from all over the place but in terms of house music we are mad keen on all the guys from labels like Dirtybird, Made to Play, Exploited, Deadfish and would LOVE to work with any of them.

 Oli – We also have a few mates who are involved in music and we hope to be working more closely with them in the not too distant future. There are a few vocalists we are trying stuff with at the moment as well as other DJs like Heavyfeet, who we’ve known for a while and are looking to hook up with on some remixes soon.

 Being frogs and all, tell us what it’s like having your belly touch the ground every time you leap? 

 Oli – Well i think for most frogs it’s a little bit like a really good sneeze…

 Tom – …yeah, that’s what i’ve heard, however we’re frogs in socks and we move in a bipedal manner..

 Oli – word of the day toilet paper?

 Tom – yep! as i was saying, we’re bipeds meaning we walk, bounce and generally mince around on our back legs….the front ones are used for touching musical things.

 What equipment do you use for your music? 

 Tom – We’ve got a couple of MAC’s which allow us to work on multiple projects at the same time, switching across the two machines when we need a break from whatever we’ve been working on. Doing it that way seems to make us twice as productive! We use a few plug-ins and like messing around on a Micro-Korg and an electric piano. We also bought a few percussive instruments on a recent trip to Spain so have been experimenting with some live percussion too.

 Oli – We really like to sample as well as it tends to get ideas moving quickly. As for DJing we generally use CDJ’s. We also try whenever possible to incorporate electronic drums as tom is rather good and i just like to hit shit and look busy.

 Where’s your favorite place to play? 

 Tom – Hmmm, Secret Garden Party on The Pagoda – great people, great music, great vibe…

 Oli –  Yeah SGP was awesome! Snowbombing is also a massive favourite. ski – party – sleep – ski – party – sleep – cry – ski – party – sleep…. you get the gist! Gist is a good word.

 What are the top three tunes in your set? 

 Tom – Munnibrotherz – Moon Chon Chayoh (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) – Dirtybird, Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – I’ll Take Care of You – XL Recordings, Frogs in Socks – All This Madness – forthcoming on Southern Fried Records

 Oli – They’re all pretty new aren’t they? I think off the top of my head, ummm…this is more difficult than it should be! Stimming – Melodica (sounds amazing in the sun alongside ‘Vietjam’ and ‘You know it’), Tim Green – Revox (Justin Martin Remix)


Lee Jones – Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix)

 3 different records that are all just stupidly good.

 Finally, do you have any gigs coming up? 

 Oli – We are off to Snowbombing next week! For some ski and party and maybe a little sleep. No crying though.

 Tom – More gigs to follow in the summer which will coincide with original tracks and remixes being released by the likes of Southern Fried, Death Proof and Scarcity Recordings – make sure you check www.frogsinsocks.com for all the info…

If you’d like more info on the Froggie fellas, ask Supersoph@raw-material.co.uk nicely…

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