Tally sings for Wateraid on Tuesday 22nd

Water Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink

On 22nd March 2011, International Water Day, selected singers from across the UK will raise up their voices to help promote awareness of the 4,000 children dying every day from water-related illnesses. World Water Day is a chance to celebrate the water we have and bring hope to those living without.

Ex Miss Water Israel Tally Koren is using her soulful and unique voice to raise awareness for the charity Wateraid by staging a free concert in central London using hundreds of choristers. Tally and Wateraid are collaborating with many choirs around the country for the project aptly titled Sing for Water. Tally and the team are looking for even more choirs and musicians to join the project. The musicians will head to Battersea Park in London, near the water fall and sing songs, all water related, and all completely for free.  

As Tally, who was brought up doing charity work, has seen firsthand the devastating effect a lack of clean water can have on humanity, this is why she has chosen to help Wateraid .She also wrote The Song For the Forgotten in memory to those that are living every day in squalid conditions with dirty water to drink and wash in.

Tally’s new album is inspired by water and the title track 72 Names is inspired by the Biblical story of Moses splitting the Red Sea, which has already made it onto the BBC Radio 2 playlist. Tally has also composed music to the famous William Blake poem Men of the Thames and has turned into a song. When living in Israel Tally won a beauty competition called Miss Water, similar to Miss Glamorous, so Water is something is something very close to her heart.

Tally has sad “In a time when the world is constantly changing, people are fighting for freedom, but some people do not have the free will to choose of how to behave or where to live. They are born in a place that nature did not bless with clean water, something so simple that we take for granted. We have to do everything we can to help them.”

Tally’s song Raindrops Keep Falling is on her site to download for £1, which goes to the charity.

Sing for Water supports Wateraid’s life-saving projects Ghana and Malawi where just £15 can give someone access to clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene education.

 End For more information, please contact Caitlin on Caitlin@raw-material.co.uk or 07791 617101

Tally Koren


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