Are you in love with Voodoo Browne yet…?

Raw Material’s Peter had a quick chat with main man Marley – read all about it below:

Introducing Voodoo Browne, the Ipswich-bred rapping impresario who is exploding out of the underground with his debut album “Browne Saucery”.

 Peter: How long have you been an MC?

 Marley: Forever!

Peter:  How did you get into it?

 Marley: Listening to my uncles EMPD & PE records.

 Peter:  Tell us about the scene in Ipswich?

 The scene in Ipee is up & down hip hop-wise. There’s a small student hip hop crowd. A once a monthly jam runs at a pub in town, The Swan. Apart from dat my towns drowning in grime! Lol. Mostly house d&b nights on in da manner…

Peter: What’s the crack with the new material?

Marley: New is what it is! Straight up rap flows you can follow. Wid catchy hooks & beats dat leave u shook! It’s hip hop wid a quirky flirty side. When it’s silly it’s stupid. When it’s serious. It is.

The debut album is a musical mash up wid a live feel. You don’t jus hear, you feel the experience. I take you on a journey through different genres. Wen dun listening to it you’ll have muddy feet like you’ve jus been raving at Glastonbury.  

Peter: Who is your favourite darts player out of Martin “Wolfie” Adams and Phil “The Power” Taylor?

 Jokes! My mum watches darts. So I do catch it sometimes. Gotta be Wolfie all day long.

 Peter: Who are your main musical influences?

 Marley: All the legends: B Marley, J Hendrix, J Brown, M Davis, M Jackson. Within hip hop music the same. Legendary artistes like KRSone, Slick Rick, Leaders Of The New School, D.I.T.C, MFdoom, Sean Price, De La Soul, Black Sheep, Klashnekoff, TY, Roots Manuva, anything dope!

 Peter: Where does the name Voodoo Browne come from?

 Originally it was voodoo man. The name originates from my rhyming. Wen younger I would spit continuously like under a trance. And then I would put my friends under my curse. So I came up wid “Voodoo”. Which also sounded cool to go wid my cousins DJ name Vendetta. I switched the man for Browne to make it more personal. Browne is my family name.

Peter: If you could collaborate with anyone alive or dead who would it be?

Marley: Oooooo! Extremely hard to choose. Would have to be the late great Robert Nesta Marley. We could stir up a Lickle hip hop/reggae sumting! 

Peter: What’s your favourite food?

Marley: Chicken wid a lick of spice.

Peter:  If you became the mayor of Ipswich tomorrow what would be or first official act?

 Marley: I would officially ban Ugg boots or any replica style granny boot. They look nice when new, after 2 weeks they start to cave in. They slope to one side absorb more water than a sponge. And girls still wear them in the rain and snow!!! They might work as slippers but outdoor wear no?

If you’d like to hook up with Marley and find out more about the Ipee scene, drop Peter a line. He challenges you to beat his questions tho!


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