In a band? You NEED this widget!

We’re loving this clever little gizmo. Here’s the deal: say you’re in a band, you have a storming tune and the industry dinosaurs tell you the only way to get it played on the radio is to hire a costly record plugger.

You look in your pockets. You check behind the sofa. Yes, indeedy – you are still skint and to get  the £2000 the plugger has quoted you’d need to sell the telly, all your studio equipment, your body and your grandmother …

Fear not. Get this! For just 125 shiny pound coins this widget allows your fans to request your track DIRECTLY to the radio station. And not just one radio station – ALL OF THEM! In fact, they can pester again and again until Annie Mac or Christian O’Connell or Whisperin Bob Harris pull their finger out and play your tune.

On the other hand – say you are loaded and two grand is a chip in the trustfund – get both a plugger AND the widget and see which one is more effective?


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