Ilia Darlin heading off to Greece’s Fashion Rocks

Our number one Olympian is strutting her stuff on the catwalk this weekend at Greece’s first Fashion Rocks event. We caught up with her for a little chat first.

(on Fashion Rocks) Fashion Rocks is happening in Greece for the first time and I was invited to perform. The show is organised by the biggest music channel of Greece MADTV in association with ANT1 another major channel and sponsored by Vodafone. It will take place in the Olympic Stadium of sword fighting. The event is called Madwalk and will feature 8 greek famous fashion designers teamed up with 8 musical performers. I will be working with the designer yiorgos eleftheriades

(on her own style) After my last trip to Greece I felt very inspired by my grandmother’s and great grand mother’s creations.They use to crochet a lot and decorated everything in the house with their creations,even the top of the tv set! I found a bag full of crocheted doilies and I wanted to use them as my trademark.We came up with a collection that’s full of fluorescent lace and doilies embellished with crystals, accessorized with chunky jewellery and pleaser shoes.The doily that was decorating my great grandma’s piano is now an amazing see thru body in fluorescent yellow with swarovski crystals. They would be so proud of me!
There is a lot of creativity in fashion that I love, and my favorite designers can chance from season to season. At the moment i love Riccardo Ticsi’s collections for Givenchy, the SS11 collection by Prada, Christopher Kane, Mary Katranzou, the costumes Rodarte did for Black Swan and Ioannis Dimitroussis. Chloe Sevigny has an amazing style for me.
(on performing live) I have a band,a dj and two gorgeous dancers so I would say it’s like three nights out in one show.In my shows I wanted to have everything I like,when I go out ,which is pop music,dance beats and beautiful dancers packed up with great aesthetics. (on fame) Well I’ve been asked for autographs but it’s not like I’m wearing a bag on my head when I walk on the streets.Hopefully one day lol.
(on home) Greece is my home country and London is my dream city.I don’t know,there  are things I love and things I hate in both of them. In London I hang out anywhere the night and friends take me.Bungalow,Sketch,I love the bar at the Connaught,Shoreditch house,Soho house,Hospital club,G.A.Y,Joiners… I’m not really a morning person you see.
(on this year) 2011 starts in the best possible way for me…You know last summer I was only attending the music awards that were taking place at the same stadium and now I’m taking the stage.I think all my hard work and determination have started to pay out and things are evolving in all the right ways.I have a lot going on right now but I can’t say anything yet.
(on Ilia) I was a very weird child.Our close family apart from my parents thought that I needed psychological help cause I was so quiet and serious.However things have certainly changed since then.
Want to know more about this feisty aphrodite? Drop us a line or check out some of her tracks here

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