Gentleman’s Dub Club

Everyone’s lovin the new dandies about town and we have a sneak excerpt from their forthcoming interview with DV8 Magazine…

seeing dub-ble

How did you get together?

We were all based in Leeds in 2006, a few of the guys had basement loaded with a sound system, so we gradually came together on Sundays to jam out some tracks. the basement was also host to some pretty serious house parties, and we started playing at them, it just evolved from there really…

Describe your sound?

Its direct. When we play live we don’t like to let the energy drop at all. Its loud and bashy but it grooves. It sounds like we’ve all been backstage eating Nescafe out of the jar with a shovel. In the studio we vary the tracks a bit more. Our upcoming album has a pretty good mix of wild and crazy as well as some more rootsy tracks. So I guess the sound is based in dub, with the energy of a rock show, we hope!

Who would you say are your musical influences?

That’s a big question!! There’s 9 of us, so there’s lots of influences flying around. On a dub/reggae tip we’re big into Irration Steppas, Twinkle Brothers, Nucleas Roots to name a few. Then there Is everything else, we like to mix it up, Bobby Caldwell, The Police, The Beat,  Deftones, Mala, EST, Jay Dilla, Stevie, Marvin.. we could go on like this all day so we’ll leave it there for now…. (Read more in next month’s DV8…)

We be dubbin it…


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