Happy Xmas from Raw Material and the Quite Great hub

Raw Material is now part of the Quite Great solutions hub and we’re looking forward to telling you all about how together we can make your band, artist, brand, concept or project take 2011 by the balls and give it a good shake up!

If you fancy some January drinks with us whilst we plot world domination with you, drop us a line. 

Here are just a few of the things we got up to in 2010…

Victoria Hart hosted Pirate Radio in her pants

XO Man played YoYos (and up Annalisa's Willow tree)


True Tiger signed to Virgin (and appeared in Phone Shop)

Village Underground's Jack and Katy got married


Nikki Beatnik, Kelis and Perez Hilton rocked closetbox turbans

We all got Papaya-ed

we just about kept up with Evander Holyfield

We’ll be checking emails sporadically over the festive period (in between crackers and sherry and snowball fights)

Have a great Xmas and a happy New Year!


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