Decade and Raw Material team up to offer a double-whammy

Decade has always been about making new music happen.

Whether your sound is axe-wielding Axl, or well…Axwell – Decade’s digits should be the first thing you plug in to.

As part of the Quite Great Solutions hub, Decade has been indispensible in taking acts from demo to world domination. And they’ve got the gold discs to prove it.

Decade doesn’t just offer you a press office. Decade offers you a consultative package including image creation, brand endorsements, blogger outreach, viral seeding and social networking. They get you in the right place in front of the right people. And they do what they say they’ll do.

Decade acts get deals.

Now Decade has joined forces with Raw Material, whose roster includes Danny Howells, True Tiger, Way Out West, The Loose Cannons, Nikki Beatnik, Heaven Sent Thugs and Sam Young – to add a dance music dynamic to the mix… the ‘deck aid’, if you like…

So here’s the doodle-do:   no matter what genre you describe yourself as (from du-wop to dupstep to disco to death metal) if you can get a venue dancing their socks off then come and chat to Decade.

Together we’re going to help design your destiny… (and if you meet us in January, we’ll also do you a discount).

Call Pete on 01223 410000 to set up a meeting…


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