Dan’s best bits…

It’s true, The Daniel is leaving us for pastures new this Wednesday, so Mr Bling has his tissues at the ready.

We wish him all the best – and hope you’ll join us in taking a moment to remember the cheeky chappy under all that hair…

  • Dan’s rants: aka ‘what Dan don’t like’. He never errs on the side of conservatism when summat gets his goat. You can read some of them here or (most likely) on his facebook status.
  • Dan’s pants: pretty much everyone he’s been in contact with –  ranging from the Chairman of the British Menswear Guild to the Jesus-loving office cleaner – has seen Dan’s pants, due to his love of the low-slung waist trend and his tendancy to leave his washing under his desk.
  • Dan’s biros: Dan and pens just don’t get on. He treats ’em mean, chews them up and spits them out. Note to his new owner: you’ll need to feed him one about every 20 minutes.
  • Dan’s chat: half Essex, half vampire – he’s pretty funny when he wants to be. Add him on BBM.
  • Dan’s drinking games: one of them involves drinking 100 shots of beer and one involves snorting salt. Do not try these at home.

Over the last year he’s scored some great coverage, worked all the hours god sends (and has become bezza mates with his blackberry) and shown our clients some nights out to remember. He’s unflappable in a crisis, doesn’t stop til he gets results and remembers everything you tell him (including the company PIN number – lol).

Nice one Dan, Ninja styles.


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