Xmas gifts for little ones…

Stuck for a gift for someone who can’t talk to tell you what they want? Have a look at the Babies in Sheep’s Clothing range…

Babies In Sheep’s Clothing is the brand that parents are in the know about, available in select boutiques across the country and online.  Its fan base has been steadily building and pre orders have been rolling in for the recently released range of merino capes and lambskin ballet slippers.

Also top on the lust list of every new mum is the gorgeous lambskin specifically designed for use in moses baskets, cots, prams or just as a play mat. As lambskin is hypoallergenic it’s a must have item for any baby with sensitive skin.

People have fallen in love with Babies In Sheep’s Clothing’s existing range of lambskin, merino clothes, booties and accessories all made in New Zealand. Everything they do is underpinned by the passionate belief that natural clothing is best for everybody but particularly babies and children.

From baby wear and hats to fantastic booties and slippers, all ranges are designed specifically with babies and toddlers in mind and are completely handmade in rural New Zealand with all the materials ethically sourced and each piece made of natural fibres. 

he loves it, honest!

Ruth can tell you more about Babies in Sheep’s Clothing – she has lots more images, info and baby fact shizzle…


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