Our super-alliance with Quite Great

If you don’t read any of the other news blasts, read this one – it’s quite important…

Raw Material is now part of the magnificent Quite Great Solutions hub, which includes GR8 Digital, 2GR8, Snappydog, Decade and Rock and Roll Baby World.

So we’re bigger, better and have more to offer our clients, in short.

From campus marketing to international consumer campaigns, from SEO to street teams, from hyping to plugging to image creation – check, yes, check – we can do all of that (and will).

We will also be adding our Raw Material sparkle to the Quite Great roster and our team will be split between the tube carriages you know and hang out in and a lovely horsebox type thing just outside Cambridge. If anyone fancies a trip to the countryside, there’s a trampoline, a local pub and it’s only 50 mins on the train.

We’ love to tell you about all the strengths we now have within our SWAT team and how we can take your brand, artist, project, event or crazy idea into the stratosphere.

Or read about the Buzz package deals if you want something straightforward that delivers what it says on the tin.

It’s all too exciting to keep to ourselves really – come and have a chat and we’ll blow your mind.

Bring the noise!


(So the gang is now: Pete the Chief, Vicky, Ruth, Ben, Peter the Champ, Danny, Mark and Louise… Mr Bling, the Daniel and me! )


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