John Tabatabai: child prodigy turned entrepreneur, MD

Looking for an interesting subject for interview? John Tabatabai is the MD of and has an interesting story…

At the age of 9 John won 1 of the top 50 inventions of the year in Wales. John was selected out of 10,000 participants that applied across the UK to meet TV presenter Carol Vorderman. His invention was a sort of multi-vegetable peeler to help his mum in the kitchen.

 Between the age 8 and 16, John was Welsh Youth Chess Champion and broke several records. He represented Wales in both the European and World Youth Championships for 6 years running. He was also the Captain of the Welsh Chess Team.
John went on to fund himself through Law school (Reading University) through playing poker online. took notice of him and sponsored him to play in the first ever World Series of Poker Europe, at the Empire Casino Leicester square and John came in 2nd for just over $1M!! He then won a sponsorship deal with the world’s largest sportsbetting company, Betfair.

John, 25, has now turned his focus onto his own business running an online penny auction site called which is going from strength to strength.

To request an interview with John, get in touch via Raw News.

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