Stacey Jackson plays Movida on Dec 8th

Dance Diva/Yummy Mummy Stacey Jackson will be performing at Movida on Dec 8th. Expect mirrorball dresses and Louboutins from Stae and Top Gun inspired outfits for her dancers…

Stacey’s single ‘I am a Woman’ is out on Jan 31st – more info on her here… Here’s a sneak preview of the Soulshaker remix of the track.

Out of nowhere, Stacey Jackson a mother of four has gate-crashed the dance music charts and her infectious new dance floor-filling anthem ‘I am a Woman’ is truly a call to arms for yummy mummy’s everywhere!

Fresh from achieving an unprecedented position for an unheralded artist in the Music Week Club Charts with debut single ‘I Hear a Symphony’ the question on everybody’s lips in the music industry is ‘who the %*@# is Stacey Jackson?!?!’ and Stacey’s story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to chase their dreams.

After raising four children, the 41-year-old Chelsea-based housewife decided to rekindle her passion for music and performance and ‘I am a Woman’ is a call to arms for ladies everywhere and a rallying cry to get sisters doing it for themselves.

Fresh from Stacey’s anthemic debut single ‘I Hear a Symphony’ miraculously flying up the Music Week Club Charts to sit alongside tracks by Kylie and Lady Gaga after being tipped by the Guardian’s music writers and going down a storm with UK DJs, ‘I am a Woman’ will guarantee that you will be hearing the name ‘Stacey Jackson’ everywhere soon.

Not since Cher’s ‘Believe’ has a record come from the leftfield to cause such a stir within the über-cool world of dance music and Stacey’s story is an example to women everywhere that it’s never too late to strike out on a limb and reach for the stars.

Now with her new single ‘I am a Woman’ Stacey has set her sights on world domination and with momentum building behind her music it looks like nothing can stop her!

Stacey Jackson is ambassador for leading charity Music for Youth and is available for feature interviews about her life and music. To learn more about her remarkable story, get in touch via Raw News…


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