Introducing 210th: the address you’ll want to share…

210th is more than just a box of erotic toys; it is a communication tool to take your relationship to a deeper level.

The gift of a 210th box –whether to a lover or to a couple, perhaps as a wedding present – is something unique and unforgettable.

Within this elegant and enigmatic white box and beneath the crisp white tissue are a selection of adult pleasuring devices and 25 sealed envelopes containing romantic and erotic suggestions.

Sofie Rockland, the entrepreneur behind 210th describes her product ‘,the concept is to bring people closer together; something that encourages more love in the world and raise awareness of the importance to spend time “real time” with each other.’ 

The boxes come in three formats: Classic (for straight couples), Wedding (for the Bride and Groom to enjoy) and Pride (for same sex couples).

Boxes retail at £125 – the price of a night in a hotel or a candlelit dinner. A 210th box offers more than a fuzzy memory and gives you the opportunity to invest in what’s really important: your relationship.


For more information or to review one either the Classic or Wedding box please contact

Notes to Editors

  • 210th boxes can be ordered online via the website
  • The company is based in Amsterdam
  • MD Sofie Rockland is available for interviews
  • Images of the box contents are available as well as boxes for review

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