M-Anarchy in the UK?

M-anarchy In The UK?

In 1977 The Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save The Queen’ was prevented from hitting No. 1 in the charts by the British government. This is because it was aimed to take place in an ‘unwelcome’ coincidence with the Queen’s silver jubilee. The BPI claims to have evidence that record-label operated shops, like Virgin Megastores, where omitted from the chart count on the week of the jubilee. This outrageous move prevented The Sex Pistols of a key number one spot at a critical time. Perhaps if this was allowed, things would be different to how they are now.

Today media attention in the UK and beyond seems to be devoted to Prince William’s engagement, and it is soon forgotten that mere hours ago, university students were clashing with police in a protest to education cuts. This is just one of the many consequences of the financial hard times the country is experiencing, and a hidden undertone while taxpayers are expected to hold their breath for another royal occasion.

It sounds as though history repeats itself once again, demonstrating that Sex Pistols songs are still as relevant now as they were 33 years ago. Previous campaigns have attempted to rectify the wrong of 1977, but despite the 40,000 strong attempt to bring ‘God Save The Queen’ to the No. 1 spot for the Queen’s birthday this year, the Sex Pistols remain denied.

‘Anarchy In The UK’ would perhaps be a perfect soundtrack to the state of economic turmoil in one of the hardest recessions the younger generations are facing. However, while students protest and everyone is annoyed at the state of affairs, there is no real movement. It is not suprising then, that a recent bid for the Xmas charts has led to heated debates. The tongue-in-cheek cover of ‘Anarchy In The UK’ by Criminal Records’s latest signing ‘rocketclover’ has had some great support, but some more politically charged opposition.

A video shot in the streets of Camden Town accompanies the release and aims to help repair the 33-year-old chart fraud. The Xmas No. 1 campaign started on Facebook, and offers an ironic twist to the Sex Pistols’ classic. Although it looks like it’s been shot by a bunch of drunk teenagers, the video is being hotly debated as a dig at the lack of political clout when it comes to the state of government. In a recent interview Criminal Records MD noted ‘well what I call the Sex Pistols phenomenon happens all the time now.. in fact every year since X-Factor came to the box. It’s all a case of sticking it to the man, in one way or another, because that man is a total idiot. Get one up on the man!’

But how can something so serious be so fun, well according to MD that was the idea ‘when times are tough laughter is much-needed, so that applies even more to these anarchistic slim-pocketed Christmas holidays!’

As for rocketclover’s video, you can watch it here:


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