DISCOvery Night at Marvel

Starts next week… this is what DJ Richey Mack has to say…


We’re kicking off the party season at Marvel by launching my new night Discovery next Thursday 2nd December. I will be celebrating all things disco; past, present and future – as I will be every Thursday – from 09.30 to 01.00.

It’s after pay day and let’s face it, Thursday is basically the weekend so I would be extremely grateful if you could all come down for the launch. I may even buy you a drink or lick your face to show my gratitude.

Marvel is on the Fulham Road, just down from the cinema and they have nice drinks, a cool vibe and sometimes they project movies onto the wall/my face.

If I could sum it all up in a song, it would be this one:

Also, follow us on Twitter and make us look popular. I’ve got some nice shiny artwork coming soon but in the meantime you can make do with my favourite piece of graffiti.


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