Check out the ninetyeight Bar cocktail menu… Then come find out what all the fuss is about!

Ninetyeight’s range of concoctions come courtesy of the team with a focus on infusions and molecular techniques and an aim to produce a range that is truly different.
All Cocktails are £9

Ninetyeight Breakfast Martini
A Vodka breakfast Martini with a difference – vanilla and almond team up with a splash of citrus
to compliment the espresso in this perky tipple

Country Cottage Sour
Rum Amaretto with Lavender, apple and hazelnut, this sour is straight from the English countryside

Aztec Ruins
This recipe was found etched into ancient Aztec ruins…must be what was served in
Aztec bars all those years ago… Tequila rum , crème de caco, chocolate, Chilli and orange

Strawberry Bean

The bitterness of roasted coffee beans is balanced by the sweetness of strawberries with a smoky tequila backdrop

Long, Hard Wood

A molecular deconstruction of the classic Daiquiri, cinnamon-infused
rum infused into sugar-cane segments, served with a side of sweetened lime ‘crisps’

Fluffy Berries

Vodka liqueur, Vanilla and fresh berries mashed together with a citrus zing to create this light, fluffy

Good Old-Fashioned Sunday Roast

Karlssons Gold Vodka, infused with rosemary and oregano, served old-fashioned with a hint of orange.

It Don’t Matter if You’re Black or White…

A King of Pop take on the Whiskey Manhattan – served clear

Off in the Clouds
A sky-blue vesper courtesy of gin and lavender-infused vodka, served over fluffy white fairy-floss ‘clouds’.

Ninety Eight Red Balloons
A raspberry and espresso Tequila martini – creamy with kick

Shot by Rich Hendry


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