Shoreditch unveils its best kept secret… The NinetyEight Bar Launch this Saturday!

SHOREDITCH, LONDON, 01/10/2010– Discreetly positioned on the lower floor of a grand period
building. Ninetyeight bar is a grotto of earthly delights, a hidden gem previously open to only a
select few. On the 23rd October 2010, Kath Morrell’s unique Shoreditch space is finally opening its
doors to the discerning public, a kitsch haunt for those in the know.

Head down the innocuous stairway of Morrell House, to a land both bizarre and visually arresting –
infused with a mischievous mix of toys, sweets and luscious décor. In the midst of Curtain Road
Ninetyeight is a breath of fresh air, providing an uplifting retreat for like-minded individuals.

Ninetyeight prides itself on being different, and with its multifunctional philosophy it ensures
guests experience more than just a cocktail. Offering the best in art, music, cocktails and fashion;
from mixology master classes, to burlesque shows and vintage `high’ tea parties – its an eclectic mix
that never fails to surprise.

In such decadent surrounds, it stands to reason that the cocktails will both excite and delight. With
an accomplished cocktail team, led by Dan Hutchins-Read, Ninetyeight will be serving up an everevolving
range of tipples, characterised by the team’s focus on infusions and molecular techniques.

Guests are encouraged to be adventurous when ordering, to experience different flavours in
tantalising combinations which include; slurping on spaghetti Margaritas, rum infused sugar-canes
and, of course, our candy floss Martini!

While we can guarantee you an amazing drink experience, you’ll soon see that it won’t be like
anything you’ve ever seen before. Expect the unexpected…

Ninetyeight Bar and Lounge, (98 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3AF)
Opening night, 23rd October 2010 7pm till late. For guest list RSVP: 0207 729 4141
Open: Wednesday-Saturday 4 till 11, 2pm till 9pm on Sundays.

Come join us down there this weekend – for more


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