Firgas’ Friday Fives

  1. Muireann Carey-Campbell: the blogger who stood up to Nokia and Mission Media. We hate hearing stories like this – part of the reason we set up Raw News was to treat our bloggers with respect and we offer our sympathy to Muireann as well as our congratulations for completing the half marathon. (Other RM marathon shout outs go to Katie Richardson, the Stokey schoolteacher who ran as Puff the Magic Dragon)
  2. Furniture made out of bombs: Marine Mine is the brainchild of an Estonian designer who makes chairs, beds, fireplaces and errr… baby carriages out of mine shells.
  3. Poker for Girls: learn how to get a straight flush with hot-as-hell dolly dealer Jamie for just £20 quid a lesson. She brings the chips, the cards and the rules…
  4. Sunday Brunch at Blacks: Fancy having your goose stuffed by Tom Parker Bowles? This Dickensian Dean St members’ club is hosting a series of seven course feast prepared by celebrity cooks.
  5. Gant by Michael Bastian: think ‘holidaywear for geeks’. Blazers over jumpers teamed with shorts for guys and oversized rugby shirts for girls…

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