Firgas’ Friday Fives

  1. Animals as promo: Ikea do it with cats, OK Go do it with dogs… Kia Cars do it with hamsters… We’re gonna do it with FOXES. Oh yeeeeaaaah!
  2. Alf from Home and Away in Priscilla: Alf only really has one acting expression. The one that looks a bit mithered on a good day or  that says ‘Jeez Ails – where’s the bushfire?’ if he’s going for another Logie. So good on him for trying to adapt it into ‘c*ck in a frock on a rock’ face…
  3. Massive Pumpkins: Waitrose is launching the Sumo pumpkin. £25 quid for something you could hollow out andbasically live in…
  4. Writing letters to famous people: a la the girl who invited Johnny Depp to her school… Sod twittering – go Brosette or Donnie Osmond style stalker and send real fanmail. With stickers. And hearts over the ‘i’s…
  5. Muller Stars: it’s yoghurt with a picture of a strawberry doing a rap tune on the pot. What’s not to love..?

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