Firgas’ Friday Fives

  1. Butter on Twitter: props to Lurpak for giving us up to the minute updates from the yellow stuff in the fridge…
  2. Going to Maccy D’s on horseback: horses for courses…
  3. Mobile phone birdies in the V&A: if you liked the Joe Rush bird sculptures at Mutate Britain, check out these ones…
  4. Donkey Gifts for Xmas from The Brooke: we’re so taken by these we want a real donkey, not just to adopt one. But 11 quid buys painkillers for 30 donkeys and £19.50 rears a foal and stops it being put to work too early. Why the long face? You can  host a party in aid of poorly nags!
  5. Ride at Proud: A horse walked into a bar… Oh, that’s actually happening – at new club night called Ride at Proud, Camden -launches next Saturday.

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