Catch Nikki Beatnik on tour with Kelis – First date tonight!

Our Nikkis heading off across Europe with pal Kelis for a stormin tour of all the best European countries, and France too.

01 Oct – London (Sheps Bush Empire)
02 Oct – Manchester, UK
04 Oct – Glasgow, UK
05 Oct – Birmingham, UK
06 Oct – Paris, France
08 Oct – Brussels, Belgium
09 Oct – Lux, Luxembourg
10 Oct – Koln, Germany
12 Oct – Copenhagen, Denmark
14 Oct – Helsinki, Finland
15 Oct – Stockholm, Sweden
17 Oct – Berlin, Germany
18 Oct – Munich, Germany
19 Oct – Milan, Italy
21 Oct – Zurich, Switzerland
22 Oct – Strasbourg, France
23 Oct – Amsterdam, Holland to chat to Nikki about FashBash’s collab with Trading Places at the end of Oct, Zest’s new single or all the goss!


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