Secret Cocktails at Saf!

Check out Thrillist today for an awesome new concept – Secret Cocktails!

The idea is that these aren’t even on the menu, but cool secret ones that only you can get a hold of.

And we’re well chuffed our new favourite cocktail joint Saf has made one – a sneak peek at their Autumn Cocktail menu, and it’s pretty amazing – I can personally attest to that!

The Saf Sloe and Steady..
Juniper Green Organic Sloe Gin, Saf’s Secret Bitters, fresh limes, fresh basil, a float of Hayman’s 1862, orange bitters, Perrier

A true connoisseurs cocktail, this features some of the best of the local spirits we have on the bar. Spicy, aromatic, with an aire of mystery…

The man behind the drink is all-round awesome person Joe McCanta who knows so much about how to make a good drink it’s mind boggling.

It’s a recipe he’s been toying with for a while – they’ve got in a really lovely batch of Sloe Gin from Junipers Green – a local spirit (Thames Distillery) that’s absolutely sumptuous and he also uses Hayman’s which is another local dry gin -a bit of a hark back to the old school style of gin. These being the speciality products he builds the drink around, the local factor is a strong part in Saf’s ingredients.

He’s also finally created his own Saf Bitters which he’s been wanting to do for a while – so he’s been looking for ways to incorporate them and it creates a nice balance with the sweetness of the Sloe Gin.

We urge you to go check it out 😀


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