Firgas’ Friday Fives

  1. COOK ready meals: just like normal ready meals that saddo-lonelies or culinary-impaired scoff but instead of the usual ‘lasagne for one’ this range offers stuff like haunch of venison and decorated salmon. Order online to completely max out the lazy factor… But  if ready meal portions prove  not enough meat for you then be sure to check out the Experimental Food Society’s landscape of beef exhibition and banquet tomorrow night at the Brickhouse on Brick lane…
  2. Gaffer tape: who knew it could hold a baby to a wall… gripping stuff!
  3. London’s Sewage: or, the opportunity to tour London and check out Sir Joseph Bazalgette’s (great grand-daddy of the chap who brought us Endemol) constructions of pipes and pumps. Bompass and Parr have created a scratch and sniff card so that you can smell what it would have been like in Victorian times – but we’re pretty sure we can live without that one!
  4. Spin Dryers: what with the seemingly newfound trend for launderette parties we wonder if this might take off again…?
  5. Bal Argentee: the latest ball from the White Blackbird people, this silver themed country house party boasts constellation croquet, liquid nitrogen ice cream, shooting star slingshot – and that’s before you even start with the entertainment! Burlesque, djs, dancing and rural merriment at the lovely Stoke Place, all for a snip of a ticket price of £35. Be warned – do not skimp on costume. People will actually look like this (below)! 

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