Clovis Wilson-Copp signs up to ClosetBox

Former ASOS designer Clovis Wilson-Copp has become the latest big-name designer to sign up to online fashion boutique ClosetBox.

The talented jewellery designer uses cutting edge rapid prorotyping techniques to create a brand of innovative and unique jewellery that has become quickly popular throughout the UK and abroad.

His collection includes everything from rings, bracelets and pendants, to even exquisitely designed glasses and belts.

Already a broad range of unique, talented and successful designers have teamed up with ClosetBox to offer their wares, with many more to join as the site grows. Initial brands include UDESHI from bespoke tailor and Chairman of the British Menswear Guild Oscar Udeshi and House of Blue Eyes, from renowned artist and fashion stylist Johnny Blue Eyes.

ClosetBox provides an opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to raid each other’s closets and create amazing new looks at a fraction of the price. Look out for the new Boutique coming soon


For more information or media requests, contact

Find Closetbox at


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