Firgas’ Friday Fives

  1. Fashion Week: oh c’mon, you gotta love it. The fash pack toddling up Carnaby St in unfeasible shoes covered in other people’s red lippy and clutching a borrowed lanyard in one hand and three drinks from the free bar in the other…   …doesn’t do it for you? Well how about these alternatives…?
  2. British Food fortnight (18th Sept to 3rd Oct): we are always happy to check out anything food related and frankly who says no to mini fish and chip canapes? Check out the National Trust site for nice foodie events;bramble pie goings-on and sausage mash-ups…
  3. Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept 19th): why are pirates called pirates? cos they arrrrrrrr!
  4. National Badger Day (Oct 3rd): this is actually in celebration of the black and white dudes you see flattened on motorways but maybe it could also be the day we get free reign to go full on Mrs-Doyle and pester people..?  
  5. Heritage Open Days: like this weekend, for example, when anyone interested can come on up and look ’round our lovely tube carriage offices. Mr Bling will be taking visitors (and a small nip of sherry) from 3pm on Saturday 18th…

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