Firgas’ Friday Fives (Holyfield special)

This week we’ve been in Leicester square with Real Deal Poker at Poker in the Park – along with 5 times world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. So it’s only fair to give the Friday Fives to the big man…

  1. Snap: OK so it was a poker event but we discovered Evander is also a ninja at Snap. Despite not knowing the rules at the start of the week. Gareth Davies from the Telegraph might have started the game playing trend with EH, but we were there when he started getting waaaaaaaaaaay competitive…
  2. Evander’s family: we haven’t met them,  but after a week of hearing him talk we feel like we know Evander Junior (the geek), Eve (the baby), Ashleigh (the sporty one), Ethan (the rocker), Yvette (the daddy’s girl) Elijah (the model) and the rest of his (nearly) 12 kids – not to mention EH’s idol, his Momma (who sounded amazing but a little bit scary!) – as though they were our own family. We’d love to be a fly on the wall at the Holyfield Xmas family video screening…
  3. A guy called Leif: who came from his hometown in Shropshire having competed in online heats to play Real Deal poker with Evander in a boxing ring in the park. With 20,000 people watching (including his family). And he lost. NB: refer to point 1 and remember: Evander always wins!

    how cool is the real deal poker dealing machine, huh?

  4. The staff at the Radisson Hampshire: who have been massively helpful and supportive all week. Big shout out to y’all – especially bowler hatted Kieran the doorman (pictured) 
  5. The coverage: The Sun, Star, Mirror, Telegraph, Standard, Mail, Live from Studio Five, Guardian, BBC London, Sky Sports, CNN, Chris Moyles, Talk Sport, – not to mention Hayters and the Press Association. Way to go Dan 🙂 


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