Staffordshire Police apologise to The Thirst after November Ordeal

You may remember back before Christmas London-based band The Thirst being surrounded by armed police after a Staffordshire gig. Despite being hauled off to prison and forced to spend a night in the cells, Staffordshire Police have only now agreed to destroy all the DNA data and fingerprinting taken last year.

The band had played a live show in Chasetown, Staffordshire, before being surrounded by armed officers under a helicopter spotlight.

Lead singer, Mensah, told MTV: “I had a gun being forced on my neck ‘Get down, get on the ground’, ‘turn around, put your hands up’ we were getting all different directions shouted at us”.

Despite being released nearly immediately the next day with no further action being faced, the station was insisting on keeping the men’s DNA information, until now.

It’s great news for the band who are flying to Chile next week for the annual VINA festival in Brazil. They’ll be flying the flag for England with a cover of the Rolling Stone’s (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction. They’ll be up against singers from the likes of Italy and Spain as well as lesser lights such as France, the US, Mexico and Cuba


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